News Overview

The News System makes it easy to include your own current news feed on your website. With the Sub-site system, you can also give each individual sub-site its own News area.

You also have the ability to pull in outside news feeds as well as control the News abstract and full page content.

Feature Snapshot

Below is a quick list of some of the features of our News System application:
  • Unlimited News Categories with our Sub-site System
  • Easily add and edit News items and control their order via the Start Date
  • Control the Start and End date of each news items
  • Your own News RSS feed
  • Control what News items are included in the RSS feed
  • Control what News items get home page priority
  • Link to another page or website for the News detail
  • Pull in external news feeds to be a part of your News
  • Design your own Abstract and Full Page Content for each News items
  • Home Page listing includes an optional scrolling feature

Easy Administration

RSS Feed

Full News Detail or Link to Another Page