Calendar Overview

The Calendar System offers your organization great flexibility when it comes to displaying multiple different calendars. The ChurchSitescalendar allows you to have unlimited separate calendars through our Sub-site system and you can also make events secure so that only specific users can have access to certain events. You can also connect any calendar event to a registration event, allowing your users to sign-up for the event through the registration system.

Feature Snapshot

Below is a quick list of some of the features of our Calendar application:
  • Unlimited separate calendars through the Sub-site system
  • RSS feeds for individual calendars
  • Event Email Reminders - send yourself an email reminder about a specific event
  • Download Event(s) into Outlook or other calendar programs
  • Invite a Friend - send an email invitation to a friend to inform them about an event
  • Control what calendar(s) specific administrators have access to manage
  • Include a short or full page description
  • Associate an event to a registration in the Registration System
  • Redirect users to a different URL when they click the event to see the event detail
  • Control what events show on your websites home page calendar listing
  • Control how far out (days) your home page calendar listing displays
  • Control if the home page calendar listing is displayed or not displayed
  • Add Main website events to any Sub-site calendar without having to make a second entry
  • Control an Event Types listing that events can be associated to
  • Control if the Event Types list is used or not used on the calendar
  • Control an Age Range list that events can be associated to
  • Control if the Age Range list is used or not used on the calendar
  • Control if users can search by Event Type and/or Age Range
  • Control how far out your calendar search lists events
  • Control if the default view of your calendar is a List View or a Month View
  • Control if the Month View displays within your websites design template or opens in its own window
  • Control if users can download events into Outlook or other calendar programs
  • Control if your calendar uses a mouse-over pop-up box to display calendar details on the list or month views
  • Control if your calendar lists past events on the list or month view
  • Control if the month view displays times or not
  • Control if the Event Type, Age Range, and Sub-site calendar filters included on the calendar page
  • Control the Security of an event to make it only viewable by specific Security Groups
  • Control the full page design of your event description, including the ability to add images and embed video
  • Add all day events
  • Optional display of the length of the event
  • Easily set events to repeat in virtually any way you want them to repeat
  • Easily update repeating events
  • Include a graphical icon for the event list page for each event
  • Include the location of the event so it can be mapped via Google Maps
  • Option to display if Child Care is included in the event

Easy Administration

Repeating Events

Event Registration

Color Coded

Downloads & RSS Feeds

Google Maps & Invite a Friend