Inbox Outreach

Inbox Outreach™ is a web-based email marketing solution designed to manage multiple email campaigns and/or email newsletters. Create your own email design, select from one of our standard email designs, or allow us to create a custom design for you (additional charges for custom design). Every email includes a one-click link for your recipients to manage their subscriptions assuring your subscribers that you are a legitimate permission-based email sender. The standard Inbox Outreach set-up includes a subscriber limit of 10,000 subscribers. The subscriber limit can be increased for an addtional $25 per month per 10,000 additional subscribers.


Feature Snapshot

Below is a list of the main features of Inbox Outreach:
  • Create Unlimited Email Lists/Campaigns
  • Allow users to sign-up for each list
  • Make specific lists secure using site security
  • Subscription management page for users
  • Easily create your own email design
  • OR Select from existing email designs
  • Define your From email address and Display Name
  • Personalize your email with user's name
  • Add your organization's information in the email footer
  • Save Options include:
    • Save as Draft
    • Send Test Email
    • Send Now
    • Schedule Send
  • Archive Email for users to view on your website in the Inbox Outreach Archive area
  • Easily upload lists and manage individual email
  • Dynamically create email lists from other systems with the CMS, like the Shop System, Donations System, Registration System, User System, and Business Directory
  • Includes up to 10,000 total emails. Larger lists available, contact us for more information.
  • Send Unlimited emails

Dynamic List Management with Contact Export

Our Contact Export System allows you to easily create dynamic email lists based on other systems that you are using with your website. These include our Shop System, Donations, Registrations, User accounts, and Business Directory. For example, you can create a dynamic list of all users who have ordered a specific product within a specific date range, or donors who have give at least $100.00. The Contact Export lists you create are dynamic, so the system will automatically pull all new users/accounts that meet your specified criteria.

There is no other email marketing system that offers you the power of our Contact Export System!

Send Unlimited Emails

Create Your Own Email
Or Use an existing design

Dynamic System Email Lists