Event Registrations

The Event Registration System makes it easy for you to create online registrations for your events, conferences and more. Having users register for your events on your own website gives you many advantages including better branding and name recognition, lower over-all cost for events that you charge for, and better user acceptance since they don't have to create a user account on some other website.

Accepting payments is also easy. We can get a merchant account set-up for your organization for only $9.95 a month plus transaction fees. Contact us today to get more information on our merchant account options.


Feature Snapshot

Below is a list of the main features of the Event Registration System:
  • Accept online payment with an integrated merchant account
  • Create your own custom user input fields
  • Custom fields can also have additional costs and registration limits
  • Schedule follow-up emails for users who have signed up for an event
  • Download all registration information and open in Excel for external reporting, mailing lists, name tag creation, or whatever you need it for
  • Allow Sub-sites in the CMS to manage their own Event Registrations
  • Administrators can add "snail-mail" registrations without processing payment
  • Set limit on number of registrations
  • Duplicate past registrations to quicly create new repeat events
  • Optional "Terms and Conditions" required checkbox
  • Display in English or Spanish
  • Control custom Email confirmation
  • Set default ticket price with optional service fee
  • Early-bird special pricing ability
  • Built-in CMS Security allows you to create secure Events for staff or other known user groups
  • Users can create accounts to quicly register for future events and make payments

Client Examples

Easy Administration

Facebook & Twitter Integration

Easily Create Custom Fields