Flash Ad Manager

The ChurchSites® Flash Ad Manager has been designed to turn your home page (or any page) into an attractive, visual, and animated "ad space" to promote your organizations events. It can also be used to display the many faces of the people that are at the center of why your organization exists, giving your home page new life and a creative edge. Simply add your digital photos or graphically enhanced digital ads to your home page through the user-friendly administrative tools. Your images will transition based on the start and end dates set by the administrator, allowing you to plan your marketing or promotions far in advance. You will also be able to associate a unique domain name (http://www.outsidedomain.com) or an internal web page (myevent.asp) to each specific graphical image that will allow your web visitors to "click" anywhere on the image, which will then route them to additional information that you have created just for them.

Example: No Nav - Cross Fade Transition

» No Nav - Cross Fade Transition
» Numeric Nav - Photo Flash Transition
» Thumbnail Nav - Lens Transition
» Multiple Ads on a page

  • Set background color
  • Set border size
  • Set border color
  • Select from 12 transition styles
  • Set transition length
  • Set transition pause between slides
  • include music via an .mp3 file upload
  • Image Scaling options include Auto, None, and
  • Navigation opions include none, numeric, or thumbnails
  • Set navigation background and button color
  • Select from 7 different caption options
  • Set caption background and text colors
  • Link to other pages or websites
  • Link can open in existing or new window
  • Set slide as active or inactive
  • Set the Start and End Dates for displaying any particular slide
  • Select from over 70 preset ad sizes
  • Additional custom sizes can be ordered
  • Create as many Flash Ads as you need for your website

Easy Administration

Start and End Dates

Navigation Options