eVite - Event Invitations

The eVite System allows administrators to create custom Invite a Friend emails for events. The eVite page shows all available eVites 6 months out. The system requires Inbox Outreach and includes an eVite reporting page.


Feature Snapshot

Below is a list of the main features of the eVite System:
  • Integrated with the Calendar System and the Invite a Friend feature
  • Includes a separate eVite page that lists all available eVite's so users can easily select an event and invite one or multiple friends
  • Users on the eVite page get to see the invitation that they will be sending
  • Facebook and Twitter integration makes it easy for users to share the eVite page with their friends
  • Include graphics and text within your eVite
  • Form Authentication included to stop spam bots

Inbox Outreach Integrated

The eVite System is integrated with Inbox Outreach which gives you the ability to track how your eVites are being used.

Integrated with the Calendar System

Facebook & Twitter Integration

Customize your own eVites